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Buying Details & Delivery Information

Fast, Discreet, same day delivery.  Serving Kitchener/Waterloo.

Ounces starting at: $20, $30, $40, $50, $75, $100, $140

B.C. Quads (best quality) reduced down to $35 1/4oz, $70 1/2oz, $140 oz).

No need to register - just call or text.

Must be 19+ years old, we check ID.

Call or Text us!!  Please do not email us orders or questions about our menu items - we are on the road delivering.

Our delivery service is "unbundled" from our menu items.  You pay one delivery fee of $20 - regardless of how many items you buy.  Our competition claims Free Delivery - but then they increase all of their menu items to offset Free Delivery.  So, in this case, if you bought 3 menu items - you are really paying for 3 delivery charges.  Check our prices and compare!

All of our bud comes in a cute canning jar - to mask smell and to maintain proper moisture level, (when we can get supplies due to Covid).

We charge $20 for a local delivery.

Cash only please.  Have your cash ready before we arrive.
We only deliver to a residential address. 

Call/Text your orders.  226-898-2503

"Quad" stands for best quality, judged by B.C. standards.  Simply, it's the best bud in the world.  Our Quads are all B.C. 'true' Quads.  We sell Quad weed by 1/4oz, 1/2oz or 1oz quantities
All of our buds come in a cute glass canning jar to keep the buds fresh & at the perfect moisture level.  Our Glass Jars are also great for masking tell tale odours that may cause a motorist trouble on the road.